This is an accurate model of a Royal National Lifeboat Institution (of Great Britain) Trent class lifeboat. This particular one is the second Trent class lifeboat built, operates out of Ramsgate and is called "RNLB Esme Anderson".

I worked in the RNLI drawing office during the design of this boat, and therefore had access to the construction drawings. Nevertheless, this was by far the most complex model I'd built to date, and I learned a lot from building it. The hull, superstructure, deck, flyingbridge and flyingbridge windows were built in AutoCAD 12, and for the many handrails I constructed the centre lines in AutoCAD to guide their construction in trueSpace. Text was partly generated in an arts package, and partly built as a 3d object. This was the first model for which I timed myself, and took nearly 200 hours to build.

Since I put up this web site, a number of Lifeboat stations that operate Trent class lifeboats have asked permission to use these images on their own sites. Here are links to them;

The Ramsgate lifeboat : 14-02 " RNLB Esme Anderson".
The Invergordon lifeboat : 14-08 " RNLB Douglas Aikman Smith".
The Dunbar lifeboat : 14-09 " RNLB Sir Ronald Pechell".
The Oban lifeboat : 14-23 " RNLB Mora Edith MacDonald".

Incidentally, the RNLI will supply drawings to model makers for a fee per drawing.