Inspired by the album "Hope" by Klaatu.

This is my first attempt at using 3ds max to produce a still image after going through the tutorials. The thing about doing your own thing in a situation like this is you find what a program is not capable off, whereas the tutorials show you what is possible. 3ds max doesn't like doing Boolean operations, and the front end tends to steer you away from using that technique. I ended up exporting some of the geometry to trueSpace to perform the Boolean, then exporting from trueSpace back in to 3ds max. There is almost certainly a way of doing what I wanted in Max; I just didn't know how!

This image can not be animated unfortunately, the background is generated in two parts. One scales with the image size, and the other doesn't, and the glow has to be set depending on the output image size. Oh hum. Still, a great little project which taught me a lot and something I'd been meaning to do done.