The FSS Vantage Search and Rescue ship leaving the Scatterlight Station.

This is a frame from an animation which was to be in a low budget science fiction film called Bark Pulse. I was originally asked to produce a "Designed for a purpose" search and rescue ship to be built in Caligari trueSpace which my brother was then going to texture and animate in Lightwave.

About a year after I finished it I decided as an exercise to rebuild it in 3ds max. It went sufficiently well that I tried to get hold of the mesh for the Scatterlight Station to do the animation and rendering. It was at this point I found out the project have been shelved.

I then built my own design Scatterlight station and have been putting together my own version of the CGI sequence. Unfortunately I over-stretched the rendering ability of my computer! When I get something more powerful I'll be putting together a sequence lasting about four minutes (is the plan).